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Buyer Testimonials

“Thank you Peggy for all your hard work AGAIN!    Without you, we would have never found a place that nice, at that price.  You’re a miracle worker!”

– Bob and Dana

“Peggy has been our advocate throughout the entire process.  Her attention to detail, knowledge of the field and no pressure approach were greatly appreciated.  She was always very quick to respond and made us feel like we were her valued clients.”

– Leah

“When we did find the perfect house, she crafted our discussions just right and, truly, she got us that house. Her knack for knowing how to negotiate and craft discussions with just the right mix of business and emotional draw is truly unique and effective. In short, with any other agent, it is unlikely we would be living in the house of our dreams.” 

– Carolyn and Jacob

“We used Peggy’s services to sell our home and then again to buy our next home… The service we received exceeded every other realtor that we had ever worked with in the past. Peggy’s attention to detail and generosity of time and spirit made working with her a pure pleasure. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is buying or selling a home.”

– Pam and John

“My husband and I were looking for a home in Seattle after living in Bay Area for 2 years. I contacted my local Bay Area friend-realtor who referred me to Peggy. We exchanged several phone calls and emails before actually coming to Seattle for home-hunting. Peggy explained us the entire process of home buying, current trends, possible issues and timelines. She also referred us to a local lender who turned out to be soooo awesome! The market was super competitive at the time, but with Peggy’s help our offer was accepted and we got this amazing townhome in Greenwood. I also want to mention that during our home tours, Peggy was super attentive to the details, pointing out features, amenities and neighborhoods. She has a talent of communicating with sellers/owners so that everyone is on board with the process. We closed on time, I think mostly because Peggy kept everybody informed and there was no way to break the deadline. After getting the keys, Peggy gave instructions to home cleaners – what should they pay attention to when cleaning. Since we were 1st time home buyers we didn’t know all the details, so Peggy helped us a lot. Even after the purchase, she is keeping us informed on the market. We would definitely recommend her as a realtor to everyone.” 

– Anna and Ildar

“We were introduced to Peggy Foster by a family member who also had an enjoyable buying experience with Peggy as her Realtor. In the following months we connected through various social events including a fundraiser for Ten Thousand Villages. This gave us the opportunity to see the personal side of Peggy and we gained more insight as to her character and integrity. Even though we weren’t ready to buy when we first met Peggy, she stayed in touch and kept us up to date on the market. When we were ready start looking we already had a good grasp on the current market because of her regular communications. Throughout the buying process she was energetic, informative and fun! Her guidance in just the “offering phase” alone was very valuable. She had good strategies for making offers and recommended quality and trustworthy inspectors to aid in the process.   There weren’t many homes available in our favorite neighborhood, but knowing what was important to us in a home she expanded the search to other communities that would fit our needs. We saw everything as soon as it came on the market and when we found the right opportunities, we acted quickly. She was very thorough and always took the time to make sure things were done right. Even though the market was highly competitive and multiple offers were the norm, we gave our best shot several times. Then our patience and persistence finally paid off, as we are now the happy owners of a charming bungalow in the community we originally wanted to live in. We are absolutely loving our neighborhood and neighbors! When buying a home, timing and strategy is important, but having the right agent is key! Peggy, thank you!”

– Pete and Rachel

“I met Peggy through a motorcycle group many years ago. We became friends and over the years I learned about her real estate business, but more importantly, I got to know Peggy. So, when it came time for me to start my home search, it felt only natural that I would call her. Before we started looking at homes she put me in touch with several lenders to get preapproved. Then the search began! I knew exactly what type of home I wanted; Rambler with generous space to garden. I affectionately would refer to it as “the grandma house with a zen garden”. I also knew which neighborhood I wanted to live in, so we started there. It felt like every home we made an offer on was just out of reach. Peggy suggested other neighborhoods she felt would fit my style. We even went as far as Des Moines and Tacoma. When we found a home I liked Peggy would always research the area and provide me market data to make my offer competitive. Finally, our persistence and strategy paid off as we found my perfect home WITH a beautiful, abundant garden in the neighborhood that was my first choice! I am now picking fruit, vegetables and flowers from my own garden while building equity in my dream home. During the process of my home search, Peggy introduced me to her new business partner, Craig Adachi. Craig has a successful business in Northern California and has expanded his service area to include Western Washington. Between the two, you can be guaranteed superior service and results when you choose the Foster/Adachi Team.”

– Beth F.